• Introducing a new service...
    Personalized Orders 2 GO!!!
    PO2GO is a service designed for those who attend ongoing weekly/monthly programs ensuring you never leave empty handed again. Based on your interests
    we will customize selections for you and have them
    ready 2GO in time for your next visit. 
    Its like having your very own personal librarian
    working directly for you!

  • Tappan Library cardholders in good standing with a valid Library card can
    check out our muesum passes for the
    Storm King Art CenterIntrepid and/or the Guggenheim.
    Our passes are available on a first come, first served basis. 
    Call or stop by for more info.

  • Delivering farm fresh fruits and vegetables direct to the Library!
    Start your Field Goods subscription before June 1st and recieve a $10 credit. Send an email to howdy@field-goods.com with the coupon code tappan$10 and your account will recieve a credit!
    Whichever size bag you choose, you create a subscription that works for you!
    Pick up time - Wednesday from 4:30-7:30pm.
    Click here to order NOW 
    For more details check out Field Goods FAQ site.
  • Fulton Fish Market is back!
    This 10 week program will include delivery of two portions of vacuum packed fresh fish. Each FFM share costs $18 per share per week. 
    Each Tuesday pick up your share(s) here anytime between 3pm-7:30pm
    Join now by clicking here.
    Follow the prompts for payment direction.


On April 25th, voters in the SOCSD were asked to vote on a referendum to increase funding to the five libraries within SOCSD. The official result are in and we are pleased to announce that 82% of those who voted supported the referendum! Thank you for your continued support!

This month's displays:
In the case:                 In the gallery:    
                      weavings by Andrea Siegel          paintings by Caren Sommer-Lazar